[[t]ˈkɪn dl[/t]] v. -dled, -dling
1) to start (a fire); cause (a flame or blaze) to begin burning
2) to set fire to or ignite (fuel or any combustible matter)
3) to excite or arouse; stir up; set going
4) to light up or make bright
5) to begin to burn
6) to become aroused or animated
7) to become bright or glowing
Etymology: 1150–1200; ME < ON kynda; cf. ON kindill torch, candle kin′dler, n. syn: kindle, ignite, inflame literally mean to set something on fire. To kindle is to cause something gradually to begin burning; it is often used figuratively: to kindle logs; to kindle someone's interest. To ignite is to set something on fire with a sudden burst of flame; it also has figurative senses: to ignite straw; to ignite dangerous hatreds. inflame is most often used figuratively, meaning to intensify, excite, or rouse: to inflame passions. II
[[t]ˈkɪn dl[/t]] v. -dled, -dling, n.
1) zool. (of animals, esp. rabbits) to bear (young)
2) zool. (of animals, esp. rabbits) to give birth
3) zool. a litter of kittens, rabbits, etc
Etymology: 1175–1225; ME kindelen, der. of kindel offspring, young (OE gecynd offspring; see kind II)

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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